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Zombie Roadhouse After Dark Orlando: The Last Roadhouse on Earth

Most challenging adventure.

Mary and Joe own the best Bar in Dansville! Unfortunately, due to a sudden increase of undead patrons, they have had to close the Bar and flee town. You are visitors to Dansville and need to seek shelter and gather supplies before you can escape the town. The power generator only has enough fuel to keep the place running for 75 minutes. Can you get your survival gear and flee before you lose power and the Zombies over take the Bar?


65 minutes

10-14 players

Challenging Horror Experience

Breakout: After Dark takes 3 of our popular Breakout games and twists them into terrifying interactive Escape Room experiences. Each room has added special effects and actors to keep you on your toes. After Dark games are best experienced by those 16 years of age and up.




Pretty Terrifying

The games really take you away from life for a while. There was a ton of ecitement and action. Definately worth your time to play during the Haunt Season. My sister was pretty Terrified!

My Kind of Bar

I had so much fun with my friends at the Zobie Roadhouse! Best bar in town forsure! I'm sure we sounded like drunk excited girls coming out of the game even though we weren't!! hahaha 

Fun Place To Be

I did not want to leave! The energy in this place is lit. Laughing, Screaming, and other noises I just dont know how to describe. 

Loved The Gamemasters!

My new friend Scary Eyes McGee doents talk much but we really had a great time sharing some laughs and some shrieks of horror! Thanks for making my heart skip a beat. Breakout After Dark was all I hoped it would be and more.