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Zombie Roadhouse

Most challenging adventure.

The Zombie Apocalypse is here.  The few survivors have taken refuge in various locations that are running low on supplies.  You have come upon a roadhouse bar.  You enter the premises hoping to get an hour of refuge while collecting the supplies you need to defend yourself and survive the Zombie Apocalypse!


75 minutes

6 - 14 players

Most Challenging Survival Operation

  • Classic Escape Game

  • Simlutaneous clue paths for large groups.

  • No real zombies, actors or staff are inside the game environments




Couldn't have had more FUN

Had an amazing experience playing the Zombie Roadhouse with Karissa. She made the experience incredible. We have done about 12 escape rooms and we havnt done one as fun as Breakout! From the zombie sounds and scares to all the puzzles we couldn't have had more fun! Thanks Karissa!!

Heart Racing Experience

Let me just say Windsor our game master for the zombie room was AMAZING!!! My hubby and I frequent these more than enough to know she has been one of the best across 7 cities! We were a group of 6 and had such an heart racing experience!  Thank you for being such a great game host!!! We will be back! -the Martins!

Really Makes You Think

Angie was very cool and energetic, made our experience that much more fun. the room was super difficult which is what made it truly enjoyable, it really makes you think. we’re already trying to plan our next trip here! 10/10! and we want angie next time as well!

Bring Spare Brains

Stevie made our stay in the zombie roadhouse a SCREAM! 10/10 would recommend, but bring your brainiest gang with you because it’s tough! Plus, you can use some spare brains to distract the zombies! 😉