Ringmaster's Den After Dark Orlando: Cannibal Clowns

Perfect for Large Groups

Step Right Up! You’re invited to the Dansville Circus! This Show has everything! Mystical fortune tellers, performing animals, and of course, clowns! But not just any circus clowns. These clowns are cannibalistic and you have only an hour to escape the Show before they make you dinner!


60 minute escape game

8-12 players

Creepy Freaky Fun for All

  • For a limited time play  The Ringmaster's Den twisted into a terrifying interactive Escape Room experience. 

  •  Special effects and actors to keep you on your toes. 

  • Simultanious clue paths for large groups.

  • Experienced by those 16 years of age and up.



Really Good Game

Not only was the hauntish experience at Breakout really fun the game was really good for our group of friends. We were all challenged to solve the puzzles.

Scariest Game Ever

OK. CLOWNS ARE SCARRY!!! If you want to get scared this game is a winner

Memorable Experience

Came to Orlando for Fright Nights and glad we tried this undiscovered gem. Our family will not forget how much fun we had working together to try and scramble to get out of the Ringmaster's Den! We almost got ate by CloWnS!!! hahaha.

Nothing Like It

I have played a Lot of Escape games, a lot. I have never ever done anything like this.  The staff was so much fun and you could really tell they are having the time of their lives trying to CREEP ME OUT! and yes, they succeeded. This really is something unique that you must try if you are into Fright Nights and HAlloween Haunts.