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Ringmaster's Den

Perfect for large groups.

A sign outside the entrance says "Do Not Enter!" Being the curious person that you are, you and your group of friends secretly step inside.  The trailer door slams behind you...You have just entered the Ringmaster's Den.  Can you escape before the Ringmaster returns and transforms you into one of his circus sideshow freaks forever? 


60 minutes

4 - 12 players

Designed for Large Groups

  • Non-linear format allows simlutaneous clue paths

  • Classic Escape Game

  • Best game for 1st time players

  • Best Experience for younger players

  • Purchase two rooms and play Head to Head! Two teams battle for the fastest escape, each in identical game rooms.




Birthday Awesome!

"Booked a birthday party for our 10 year old and all the girls has a blast!!! Grace was very helpful, as well as the other ladies! We will definately be back!! Thank you for making Kylin's birthday awesome!!" - Heather, Google Review


Best escape room EVER!!!! i have done many rooms before and this was by far the most fun. We did the Ringmasters Den, highly recommend.

Absolute Blast

Went with a group of four people and did the ring master escape. The game was an absolute blast. The entire group had a blast. The employees were some of the nicest and most pleasant I've ever had the opportunity to interact with. Great way to kill an hour and coming from Arkansas where the price is double you get more than enough bang for your buck. Thank you so much for the cherry on top of our vacation, you guys helped make our trip!

Experience I want to Share

This was a great place to have fun with friends and family... as a college student it was an experience I want to share with the rest of my friends. Also shout out to ayden he was a great ringmaster with a awesome personality . He deserves a raise!