Orlando Ghost Zone After Dark: The Exorcism of Morbidson Manor

Loose yourself among the spirits

Shortly after the passing of young Christie Ann Morbidson, Morbidson Manor began experiencing severe poltergeist activity. Christie had fallen from a safari truck and was run over by a second truck. Though a complete accident (or was it?!), she blames her father, who was behind the wheel, for her death. She has returned to seek vengeance on him and has tried to kill him multiple times. To date, he is missing. You have been hired to investigate his disappearance. Can you find Christie’s father and put Christie to rest before she sends you to an early grave? It’s your turn to step through the front door of Morbidson Manor.


60 Minute escape game

6-8 players

Thrilling Occult Adventure

  • Breakout: After Dark takes 3 of our popular Breakout games and twists them into terrifying interactive Escape Room experiences. 

  • Special effects and actors to keep you on your toes. 

  • Best experienced by those 16 years of age and up.




WoW! This is the most exciting escape room. The staff goes above and beyond.

Great Decor!

The Decor of the building and the set in the room really blew my mind. I totally forgot i was in a game for the entire hour, felt like I was in a movie.

Great Staff

Felt welcome and special from the moment I stepped foot in Breakout. I could tell the staff gave 100% to make sure my friends and I had a great time while we were there.  I will be back to play the other games before the After Hours Halloween Special is over.

Booked all the Games

After Playing The Ghost Zone Exorcism Game at the Breakout Halloween Themed nights we immediatey booked the other two games ( Zombie and Ringmaster) for my family to play later this week. I absolutely have to know why there was so much screaming coming out of the other rooms! lol. The actors were great in the ghost game and just the right amunt of interaction too. We were able to play our game and enjoy the entertainment happening throughout the building.