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Motive for Malice

Mystery and fun for everyone.

Sir Monty is Dead and someone is to blame.  Which character is hiding a dark secret? Is it you? Take a trip back in time to Sir Monty's mansion to see what clues he has left for you to find in this exciting murder mystery.


60 minutes

4 - 8 players

35% escape rate

  • Generation two experience

  • Multi-linear format allows simlutaneous clue paths

  • There are eight characters in this story, if your group comes with less than eight players then someone will have to play multiple clue paths.




First time that I'd actually really seen my family working together

Of course, I had a fantastic experience! This was my very first escape room. I know it took us 8 minutes longer, but I really respect you guy's dedication to keeping the mystery alive for us. That was an eye opening experience for me because it was the first time that I'd actually really seen my family working together. We had a blast and we're definitely going to come back again!! Also, I can't remember the guys name who was checking in on us, but he also did an excellent job at explaining everything and simply taking care of us. I wish you all well and hope that you always find a way to keep the magic of escape rooms alive!

Very Interactive

This was a fun experience! It was a lot of our first time. Very patient & professional staff! Perfectly timed events. Tests your brain and also very interactive. If you like the game clue, this room is for you. Awesome experience, would recommend to anyone. Family friendly!