Game of Espionage

Abstract puzzles for all types of spys.

Two rival companies have been competing for years to create a new product that will dominate the Toy industry. Just hours before the press release, the prototype went missing! You have been hired to steal it back.  Complete your mission or be caught for corporate espionage! 


75 minute escape game

4 - 12 players

25% escape rate

  • Generation two experience

  • Non-linear format allows simlutaneous clue paths

  • No actors or staff are inside of the game invironment



Unique in the way they do things

Aidan was the best game master, he deserves a raise! I’ve done over 50 escape rooms and The Espionage room was very different, the way he gave clues was something i’d never had before. The games I’ve done here so far are unique in the way they do things, which is why I would highly recommend them.

We laughed

Game of Espionage - FUN!!!
We have done three other escape rooms with other companies and this was by far the most fun. Angel made it really fun for us. We laughed a lot at ourselves. Thank goodness for Angel's clues. Mary in scheduling was also very helpful and kind. We had a mix-up with the scheduling and Mary went out of her way to accommodate us. Thank you Angel and Mary! We will certainly try their other escape rooms in the future.

Plenty for a group of 12 to discover

We did the espionage game, it was creative and challenging. We had a group of 12 people and there was plenty to discover for everyone.  I'd like to try the other games they have now!