Elf Myself

Small group bliss.

You always wanted to be an Elf. You love green, pointed shoes, singing and have the maturity of a house fly. Luckily, due to the increase of Elves going into dentistry, shoe making, and baking in trees, the demand is high and standards are low. Do you have what it takes to become an Elvin Toy Maker?


60 minute escape game

4 - 8 players

Year-round Holiday Cheer

  • Best First Room

  • Multiple Clue paths for groups

  • Multi-Room challenge game

  • Great for all ages



Acton for All Ages

We did the Christmas theme escape room and had a great time!! The staff were super and  the puzzles were challenging and we had a lot of fun. We had a large group ages 7-55 and everyone was able to participate and we escaped with only a few minutes to spare!!

Perfect 25th Birthday

So fun! Went there for my sister's 25th birthday with my mom and dad and we had a BLAST! We had the Christmas room and the clues were so fun and such cute rooms. Would definitely go back it was a fun bonding activity and such great attention to detail.

The Tech was Impressive

One of the best escape room experiences I've had so far. Went with a group before Christmas and did the holiday-themed room. Our guide (Angel I think?) was really fun and just the right amount of helpful. Without giving anything away, the room itself was very well designed and the tech was impressive. Great value overall, would definitely go back to try some of the other rooms.

It All Made Sense

Elf Myself - We have done 25+ plus rooms and this one was amazing! For sure, we will do all the rooms here now. 2 of us came, had fun, were challenged - and it all made sense....
Our host Angie was on her A-game too 😊 Thank you!