Chamber of Illusions

Mystery and fun for everyone.

You're in attendance at a local magic show. It's a very special night, as the performer has recently uncovered some vintage props said to have once belonged to an ancient grand master magician. Part way into the show, you're brought up on stage.  Can you escape The Chamber of Illusions? 


60 minute escape game

6-12 players in Orlando

4 - 10 players in Michigan

Designed for a Large Team

  • Non-linear format allows simlutaneous clue paths

  • Recomended for first time escape game players

  • Fun for all ages



First time that I'd actually really seen my family working together

Of course, I had a fantastic experience! This was my very first escape room. I know it took us 8 minutes longer, but I really respect you guy's dedication to keeping the mystery alive for us. That was an eye opening experience for me because it was the first time that I'd actually really seen my family working together. We had a blast and we're definitely going to come back again!! Also, I can't remember the guys name who was checking in on us, but he also did an excellent job at explaining everything and simply taking care of us. I wish you all well and hope that you always find a way to keep the magic of escape rooms alive!

Best Birthday Idea

This was the best birthday idea I have had in a long time! The escape room we did was Chamber of Illusions and we ALMOST made it!!

Hootin' Family Fun

Did the illusions game today with my family! Jupiter was our host and did a great job! My grandparents thought this room was a hoot.

Intricate Puzzles

The chamber of illusions was so much fun. Several intricate puzzles. Stevie wonder helped us a lot. Really enjoyed the experience. There were also proper social distancing and sanitization steps taken during the process.