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Lost Holiday Alert: World Escape Room Day Missing Indefinitely

FRIDAY. Oct 1. 2021 - A popular Dansville, Fl Holiday has discontinued its call to action amongst the escape game community. World Escape Room Day started in the Netherlands but is now known around the world for inviting friends and families to play as many escape rooms as possible on this one day. The entire celebration has disappeared for one entire year and counting.

Capt. Slappy searches for World Escape Room Day 2021

The website and Facebook page that has been serving the community since 2016 sits unattended. No response was heard from the owner, Mike van Hoenselaar, when asked if the holiday webpage was expected to resume in the future.

In a 2016 Blog he proclaimed “October 1st will be the first day of many to follow that will put escape rooms and everything that circles around it in the spotlight. Bring out the mystery, bring out our puzzles, we are celebrating the existence of escape rooms! “ Time does show that that October 1st was the first of 5 annual days of celebration.

The question is: If a Holiday does not exist on google are we still allowed to get together and celebrate it?

Breakout Escape Rooms answer yes!





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