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TRAGEDY STRIKES TWICE: Father of Deceased Morbidson Girl Now Missing

Dansville Police Search for missing owner of Florida Safari tragedy

Cecil Morbidson, patriarch of the Morbidson family estate has been declared missing by Dansville authorities under mysterious circumstances.

Last month Morbidson’s only daughter was killed in a tragic accident during a safari trip planned for her birthday celebration. While riding in a touring safari car, she fell out and was run over by the following car, driven by her father. Morbidson was cleared of any fault in the incident, and has since kept to himself out of the public gaze in the family’s historic Florida mansion.

Thanks to an informant who wishes to remain nameless, new information has also come to light regarding several calls Morbidson made to authorities before his disappearance. Apparently, Morbidson insisted there was some dark force--in his words, a ‘poltergeist’--that was terrorizing him in his home. He was written off as delusional due to grief, but to sate him, police had cameras installed in his home. On a return visit to check the cameras, authorities arrived at the Morbidson Manor and, after receiving no answer at the door, entered to search. Morbidson was nowhere to be found, and all of his belongings were left behind. There were also no signs of a struggle, but foul play--perhaps for ransom--is still in consideration as police continue to search the area.

Anyone with information on Morbidson’s disappearance should contact the Dansville authorities. Police have requested that the Morbidson Manor be treated as a crime scene and not to intrude. They are warning that this is not a game and whomever is at fault will not escape Orange County, Fl.

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