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Scary Escape Games For Halloween

Turn Up The Fright! This Halloween make your game a little creepy, a lot spooky, a ton scary, and a epic memory to share with your friends and family this Haunt Season!

Fun and Games is our expertise! Gather the crew for a one of a kind Halloween experience at Breakout! If you are looking for something to do, we have games for all ages and group sizes.

Play our Zombie Roadhouse Survival game. It is the last Roadhouse on earth and you can't stay hidden from the Zombies forever. So before you make your run for it, you must gather all the supplies and weapons you will need to brave the apocalypse. You don't have to be the fastest runner in your group, just don't be last!

Call to book a game now and tell our crew you want Fright in your game for a one of a kind escape game experience: (586) 359-6944

Breakout has the best Game Hosts that turn your experience into an adventure when you break out of reality and break into fun!

Turn Up The Fright on our classic Ringmaster’s Den. This game is a quirky and fun circus game but we can change that for you this Halloween. You can meet our crew of creepy clown characters right when you least expect. The game plays the same but the environment is changed to be scarier than ever.

You wanted it, you got it! Scary escape games at Breakout for the Halloween haunt season only. Hurry in today for the best Halloween / haunted escape rooms in Michigan and Florida.

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