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Holiday Memories at Breakout Escape Rooms

Start a new Holiday Tradition this year! Fun, Safe and Memorable! Make the gathering special by playing an escape game at Breakout. Friends and Family of all ages enjoy getting out of the house to do some

thing spontaneous and memorable.

Don’t miss your chance to make the most of time spent with loved ones. Our cast of exciting Game Hosts are here to lead your way through this exciting entertainment experience. Receive fun themed photos of your group along with the chance to take selfies around our creatively decorated building with your group.

Escape Rooms are a safe place for small gatherings and a safe thing to do out of the house. All Game Rooms are private and cleaned and sanitized between games during every reset. Escape Rooms just might be one of the most socially distanced and

safe places that you can bring your family, friends, kids and kids friends family.

Breakout wishes you all the Happiest of Holiday Seasons, We wish you warmth and strength to make it through the winter with a smile on your face. If you or someone you love is in need of a smile, book a game today.

Breakout of Reality, Break into fun!

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