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From the Mayor of Dansville

Breakout Escape Rooms Orlando Presents

After Dark:

Dansville; A Terrific Terrifying Place to Live!

Welcome Visitors!

I’m the newly elected Dansville mayor, Jeffery Drake. My biggest task in Office is to boost our quiet little town’s economy and what better way to do that than to increase our tourism. We have lots of unique new things to do that, until recently, we have kept pretty quiet.

However, now is the time to share what makes us different with the World. Come take a tour of our most haunted house, Morbidson Manor. It has lots of documented poltergeist activity. Perhaps, you’d like a classic Dansville experience, take in a live circus performance in the Western Woods. Not all of our attendees have returned, but that's all part of the adventure! Thirsty? Grab a beverage at our locally famous bar Mary and Joe’s. It might have a slight zombie infestation, so drink if you dare.

We were a little leery about adding such a run of the mill tourist attraction to our town, but escape rooms are all the rage now, so be sure to check out our Pirate themed game downtown at Breakout Escape Rooms Orlando while you are here!

We’re so glad you’ve visited our town while on vacation in Florida, we hope you have a terrifying terrific time!

Mayor Drake

Town of Dansville

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