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Couples Escape Date Night at Breakout Escape Rooms

Escape games are a Blast ! Most games are more fun with larger groups. This event is perfect for the couple looking for some like minded people to hang with.

Have the most fun in Metro Detroit, Orlando, Ann Arbor and Lansing. Try something new! This escape game will be memorable, fun and entertaining. Weather it is a first date or your ready to propose, Breakout Escape Rooms are easy to book and a one of a kind experience.

What to Expect

Couples will arrive with their partner a half hour before the start time of their game. During this time they can mingle, snack, and chat with the other teammates in their group. After Breakout Escape Room's game orientation, the clock will start. You, your date and other couples will work together and separately on puzzles in the Ringmaster's Den.

The games that couples will be playing are non-linear, meaning that many puzzles can be solved at the same time and in no particular order. This is perfect for a group made up of couples who want to strategize as a team while still getting some teamwork practice with your date.

After the game has finished, your fun and entertaining Game Master will recap the fun experience, highlighting fun/funny moments, explaining how the game was solved, answering questions, giving tips and tricks to improve your escape skills, and of course take a fun team and couple photo.

What happens next is up to you!

There is many great entertainment venues, restaurants and bars within walking distance from Breakout Escape Rooms in downtown Royal Oak. It is always fun to talk about the experience you just had with the people who you played with. Let's face it, you had to be there.

As Host of this event and a owner of Breakout Escape Rooms, Dan Schutz can attest to the thrill of watching random people getting tossed into a game and coming out with new friends 90 minutes later.

This event is for you if you and your partner are

  • looking to make friends with like minded people

  • Don't have enough people to book a whole room

  • Enjoy non-alcoholic entertainment

  • looking for new and memorable date ideas

Come to couples Night!

Royal Oak, Ann Arbor & Lansing, Mi

Every Friday 7:30

Chamber of Illusions

Breakout Escape Rooms

Questions? call (586) 359-6944 8am-10pm

Orlando, Fl

Every Friday 8pm

Ringmasters Den

Breakout Escape Rooms

Questions? call (407) 778-4562 8am-10pm

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