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Escape Rooms are Keeping us Entertained During Covid-19 Pandemic

It is important for healthy families, friends and couples to maintain an enjoyable life in 2020. But getting out of the house in a safe way is important.

The problem is many events and attractions are closed. Restaurants can seem dangerous and shoppers are exposed to all the germs of everyone who has entered the building before them.

escape rooms are still open during the corona virus pandemic

Escape Rooms Remain Open during the Coronavirus pandemic due to low foot traffic, Cleanliness of the games being easily maintained, and Private room availability. Breakout will make any room Private to you and your group! Escape Rooms are giving Friends and Family big entertainment in comfortable places while events are closing due to covid-19.

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Breakout locations in Orlando, Fl, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Royal Oak, Metro Detroit, Michigan.

Breakout of Reality, Break into Fun.

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A great solution to this problem is definitely a place where there isn't a large amount of people traffic through the day and a place where you can be sure what you are touching is clean.

Escape rooms have a low number of people passing through. The items in the room are cleaned regularly. The number of people in the room with you is low and if you choose, are only the people you know!

Visit Breakout Escape Rooms to find out more!

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