Avast Ye, Davy Jones heart of darkness spares no scallywag or seadog who dares test their fate with the briney deep. We swashbucklers have all lost near and dear comrades, but now that the scourge of the Seven Seas has taken your father we be bound for revenge.

Heart of a Pirate

Put your Smarts to the Test, Matey

Image by Aron Visuals

75 minutes

2-6 players

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Do not refresh the screen or your progress will be lost!

Objective :

All Hands Hoy! Now you must hit the high seas to find the heart of Davy Jones, put his terror to rest for once and for all.

Heart of a PirateHeart of a Pirate
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Clues Taken :


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Two Staffs in Hand

Flags of Color

Shillings Chests

A Bottle in Hand

Pirate Code Scroll

Abacus & Mathematics

Mermaid Vials

Puzzle Map

Astronomy Skull

Message in a Bottle

What the Eye Glass Sees

Cryptology Oar

Crossword Book

Heart of a PirateHeart of a Pirate
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What now, Matey?

Now that you have ended the curse for once and for all, will you continue on with your pirate ways or will you retire your hat? please tell us why.

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