Motive for Malice

who killed sir monty?

Sir Monty is Dead and someone is to blame.  Which character is hiding a dark secret? Is it you? Take a trip back in time to Sir Monty's mansion to see what clues he has left for you to find in this exciting murder mystery. 

60 minutes of play

Number Of Players Per Room: 4-8

Escape Rate: 30%

Generation Two Experience

Multi-Linear format allows simultaneous clue paths

There are eight characters in this story, if your group comes with less than eight players then someone will have to play multiple clue paths.

New Flash Extra!
Young girl arrested by her farther after being found to be the guilty suspect in the case of the mysterious death of Sir Monty!
The girl and her family had dedicated an hour of their vacation time in Orlando to get to the bottom of this shrilling case. I think it is safe t...