Motive for Malice

who killed sir monty?


New Flash Extra!

Young girl arrested by her farther after being found to be the guilty suspect in the case of the mysterious death of Sir Monty!

The girl and her family had dedicated an hour of their vacation time in Orlando to get to the bottom of this shrilling case. I think it is safe to say no one expected so many secrets to be revealed about everyone involved. Family members said about the arrested child, "She has always been a kind and generous person, I never expected she could commit such a crime." Her motives towards poor Sir Monty were exposed and the evidence now speaks for itself. After being arrested by her father during a fun keepsake photo to serve as a memory of the lost innocence of their family, all members continued to enjoy their Florida vacation. They threatened to come back to the scene of the crime for another adventure next year. That is fine with us at Breakout Escape Rooms as long as they leave the murder weapons at home.