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Game of Espionage

abstract puzzles for all types of spies

Reviewed October 11, 2018 via Tripadvisor

We didn't escape but that's Ok, I didn't want to leave anyway!

Hands down best escape room I have ever been to.
I love going here! It is fun to take a break from reality and be a Spy with my friends and family. We had so much fun trying to solve the puzzle together. Next time I am going to bring my employees for a team building trip.

The games are very challenging and creative in the way that if feels exciting to figure it out. I like how clues can be found in such a variety of ways, nothing is repetitive.

So much Fun!


Abstract escape game! Unique puzzles for unique brains of all ages. Super hero, comic book, action movie fans will be living their best life in this adventure. Non-linear games like this are the best games for groups with more than 3 people. Everyone gets to be involved and help solve the puzzle.