Frequently Asked Questions

Every question and comment is important to us no matter how simple or complex, so don’t hesitate to let us know if you need additional help.



NEW! Please call our helpful Event Planners. Knowing your approximate number of guests, time and date will help get your event space reserved as soon as possible.

CAn I bring food and cake?

DEFINATELY! Please remember to provide your own plates, silverware, napkins and cups.

Will my event space be private?

if you pruchase and Exclusive Location Buyout, then your space will be completely private. 

For all other event packages, your group will have a decorated room with tables. Depending on the other bookings taking place during the time of your event you may see other customers in the building. They will not be part of your group or spending time in your room. However, in some cases, other groups may need to pass through your room to get to and from their game room.

What does breakout escape rooms provide for party guests?

Guests will walk into a festively decorated room with tables and chairs for all that registered. The tablecloth will have bags of candy or candy on the table and helium balloons. We take care to make sure the scene is set for your fun experience!

How long do Parties last?

The VIP Party Experience includes 45 minutes before each of the two games. The entire experience lasts about four hours.

The Basic Party Package includes a half hour before the game.

Location Buyouts and other specially coordinated  events and be arranged to your needs by contacting an event planner.

What do i need to do to book a party or event?

You can Book Now or Contact an Event Planner and they'll put together a package for you. We accept payments of credit card or cash due on the booking of your event.

what if i have more guests than a single room fits?

We can accommodate up to 100 people by optimizing all of our game rooms at the same time. Breakout Escape Rooms are built to please large groups!  Include everyone in on the fun.

What food and catering options are available?

We have a variety of suggested local catering options ranging from pizza and pop to brunch and dinner options. Contact an event planner or view our suggested menu to see rates and complete your event.

What happens if more guests show up than the original count? 

Seating and game participation is guaranteed for the original head count. If more guests are added there may be space to add them in or purchase additional rooms.

How Many guests are required to book a party?

The event room is a flat rate booking and there is no minimum requirement for guests. Contact an Event Planner

do you offer Team building Events?

Escape games are a great icebreaker for your group to get to really know each other's strengths and weaknesses.  Planning these outings periodically can develop your group's communication skills, trust, functionality and performance. Anyone can take initiative, brainstorm and be the next leader in an escape room.  Learn More...


Yes! Breaking has a parking lot you can get to from Detroit St. The main entrance to our business is on Detroit St, our sign is over the door. Follow the stairs down to enter.

iS your business handicapped accessible?

Sorry, our business is located down stairs and there is no elevator. 

where are you located?

We are located east of the capital building on Michigan Ave, a short distance from Frandor shopping center. Our building is called the Hive and we are directly underneath the Peoples Kitchen, a great place to grab a bite before or after your game. The drive from MSU campus is about 5 minutes. Click for directions.

Is your business kid friendly?

Yes. Kids of all ages enjoy playing our escape games with adults.  We recommend groups of kids book a private room. there must be one adult in the room with kids.

do you offer custom game times?

Our schedule runs like a movie theater with multiple times for each game throughout the day. If you would prefer a custom time please call.


Will I actually be locked inside of a room?

Some games have you finding the way to open/unlock a door or passage. Others may have you completing a challenge or task. In all the games  players have the ability to quit and simply leave the room.

Is an escape game like SAW or a Haunted house?

NO, other then being themed and looking neat our escape games are not like Haunted houses. The games don't have physical challenges and you don't need to run or defend yourself.

How long will I be there?

The game takes up to an hour depending on how clever you are. You should plan on being there 15

minutes in advance and will likely be in the building for around 90 minutes total. Games start promptly and we can't let anyone else in the room once the game begins.

Is there an Age requirement?

Players of all ages can have fun and enjoy themselves.


 If you book a private group  you may bring any age players but some of the game is geared towards an adult mind. A adult must be on site at all times and under 18 players must have a waiver signed by an adult. To play without an adult in the room you must be 15 or older.


Kids of all ages have a blast in our games but we want the game to be safe, fun and under adult control at all times. You know your kids better than we do. If you believe your children may be a distraction to other participants who may not know them, then we strongly recommend that you book a private game (over the phone, 8+ people) during slower times.

Will I be in a room with people I don’t know?

Want to play with just your group? Then buyout a empty time slot or call us to workout the details in advance. No one may be in the room when you book but that may change before game time. Room slots stay open until the max person limit is reached. You may be playing with people you have never met, but that is also part of the fun! As you get into the game, you will be working together with everyone to get out. By the end, you may just have made some cool new friends!

How many people do I need?

You can book one ticket or up to 14, depending on the game. Some games require a minimum of players to start.

Want to book two or more games with the same start time? Call us for a custom package of 20-70 simultaneous players.

What should i bring  to play a game?

Yourself, your friends, and your wits. Food and/or drink is not allowed in the game room. Smartphones are allowed, but pictures and/or videos are strictly prohibited in game environments. We also ask that unless it's an absolute emergency do not text, call or email or message while in game rooms.

how do i book an entire room

to book an entire room you will need to purchase the maximum capacity for that specific game.

do i need to book in advance?

We highly recommend you reserve your spot by booking now. If you choose to walk in, call in advance.

How early should I arrive for my game?

Arrive 15 minutes before the start time. games start promptly on time and being late may cause you to have a play time less than 60 minutes.

can i bring my small child with me?

Yes! any small child that is  immobile (to be carried or in a stroller) can come along with you free of charge if you or your group has purchased a private room. 


Why should I choose Breakout?


Unique clue delivery systems designed for the theme and integrated into each game Environment.


The Game Master monitors the entire game in real time helping players with themed clues without the need to be told what you are struggling with/missing. 


Game Masters will give a "game wrap up" to highlight funny moments, accomplishments, evaluate team efforts and communication. This provides an explanation of the game highlights and demonstrates how to solve missed items.   


Themed photos with high-quality backdrops and props designed just for your theme. Photos are taken with group's camera and one from ours. After the game they are posted online and emailed to each player.


Michigan based call center available to answer any questions or concerns. Open seven days a week 8am -10 pm


Over four years in business. The first escape game In Michigan. Now with five locations to choose from including Orlando, Florida.


Head-to-head team games with our Ring Master's Den. Race for the best time! Up to 24 players split into two identical game rooms.

Have a larger group? Each building can service between 60-70 players simultaneously  

repeated about every two hours.


Michigan based non-franchised business. You wont see our games or processes anyplace else. Puzzles are custom designed in-house and not sold or offered for use to others.