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Our Players

New To The Game

Escape games are part scavenger hunt & part brain teaser. Book in advance a full room or join with others & share the goal of  solving the game. Rooms are themed but unlike haunted houses don't have actors or staff members inside the room with you. Most players with claustrophobia are comforted by the large and open environments.

Birthday & Wedding Parties

Book your Party with  optional extra time for cake or pizza. Let us decorate for the special day with balloons and party bags for the kids. 

Private rooms available for wedding parties or get down on a knee and give that special in game proposal.

 have a fun and bonding event that  stretches your group's abstract thinking & collaboration.  Each rooms content  is suited for the largest group size industry-wide. Cycling 60-75 simultaneous players every two hours. GM, Ford, Quicken, & Comcast regularly Utilize the facilities capacity and experience.  


We appreciate veteran and returning players by offering them a unique experience every time they come back. each room has a unique theme, clue delivery system & puzzle structure

The Real Escape Experience