Ringmaster's Den

Perfect for large Groups

A sign outside the entrance says "Do Not Enter!" Being the curious person that you are, you and your group of friends secretly step inside.  The trailer door slams behind you...You have just entered the Ringmaster's Den.  Can you escape before the Ringmaster returns and transforms you into ‚Äčone of his circus sideshow freaks forever?

60 minutes of play

Number Of Players Per Room: 2-12

Escape Rate: 33%

Generation One Experience

Non-Linear format allows simultaneous clue paths

Purchase two rooms and play Head to Head! Two teams battle for the fastest escape, each in identical game rooms.

Reviewed 4 weeks ago on Tripadvisor
Great experience
I did the Ringmaster escape room with my family about a week ago on 10/01 and it was SOOOO FUN! We had 9 adults and a toddler and we had a blast. This was my first experience with an escape room and now I want to do another one! The staf...