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Dans office manager Jeff at his Telecommunications business played one of the original vanilla escape games in New York while on vacation. He shared the experience  with office staff, within minutes Dan jumped in and said 'Oh my Gosh that sounds like a blast, we have to do this but make it a Circus theme'  The very next day they built a plan and started working on it 48 hour later.

That was us in 2014, Dan and Jeff, then opened the first Escape game in Michigan debuting the original game Ringmasters Den.

Enjoy this low budget masterpiece, the original Ringmasters Den trailer

What began as a labor of love with a single location Breakout's unique game drew players from Canada and neighboring states that also had not seen a escape game before. We built a model that many in the industry follow and coined the classic over-propped group photo. 

About Us


Living The Game

We are Not here to simply bring you replicated basic puzzles & themes, we are Gamemasters that push ourselves creatively and design unique puzzles. We fully immerse ourselves in game rooms (see photo.) Each new innovative game has a different theme, clue delivery system & puzzle structure for you the  player  to enjoy.

A exciting and fun business model allowed for us to quickly expand.  Breakout currently has 5 locations and we are enthusiastically working  on the 6th and 7th game Rooms. This pair of rooms will compliment each other and offer a drastically different experience that you will just

have to wait and play   :)

           As for us, we hope to never escape Breakout's game,                                                     but with wits, teamwork and creativity you can escape before time runs out.